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Good fortune...

I have been fortunate to fish with many top guides, in many great fishing destinations during the last several years. I can say, without hesitation, that Captain Ned is one of the best guides that I have ever fished with, and I make it a point to get back down to the 'Glades at least once a year to fish with him. He approaches his task, (finding fish,) with seriousness and substantial experience, but he also brings a friendly, "let's have fun," attitude. He is extremely knowledgable about the ecology and history of the Everglades, and he is eager to share his knowledge and love of this great fishery. I always catch fish when I'm on Ned's boat and I always learn something interesting about the 'Glades, most importantly, I always feel that I've shared a great day on the water, with a great guy, and I've had fun. This is one fishing trip I reccommend to everyone, - It is a trip that YOU SHOULD NOT MISS!

Keith Calhoun


Everglades National Park

With over 1.5 million acres, Everglades National Park , is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. Within that acreage lies the largest strand of protected mangrove estuary in the western hemisphere. That's where we'll be fishing. There are hundreds of species of fish in the Everglades, and then there's the three that we're especially interested in, tarpon, redfish and snook, those are the ones we'll be hunting for, and this is where we're going to find them, the 'Park,' one of the Last Best Places, and we'll do it 'Everglades Style!' read more


Captain Ned Small Info

A life long fly rodder, I grew up fishing for stripers in the tidal rivers of Cape Cod and spent many years in the Delaware Valley fishing dry flies for trout. A family passion for fly fishing, particularly tarpon and other salt water species, led me to Everglades City, on Florida's mangrove more


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With the exception of a couple of fishing trips out west for trout in the summer, I'm here 'year round and ready to fish. You can try the telephone but It's easiest to use email. Let's get started.


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Captain Ned Small

Everglades Sight Fishing
Everglades City, FL

The Everglades is a spectacular place and for the adventurous angler, one of the country's Last Best Places to practice the art of saltwater fly fishing and light tackle sight fishing. It's sight fishing from the foredeck of a quietly poled skiff in search of visible fish, laid up Tarpon, backcountry Snook, and tailing Redfish, it's a vast, shallow water maze of islands and creeks, wilderness lakes and hidden lagoons. Try to imagine over a thousand square miles of coastal mangrove forest, no roads or buildings for a hundred miles and all of it accessable only by skiff.

There are said to be 10,000 Islands on the Gulf Coast of the Everglades, from Cape Romano in the north to Cape Sable in the south, and hundreds of miles of jungle rivers in between. Saltwater fly fishing, and sight fishing the Everglades, it's a unique opportunity for a dedicated shallow water angler to fish in one of the world's premiere fly fishing and light tackle destinations.

Everglades fishing is an experience every angler, whether beginner or expert should try, when the Everglades is 'on,' there's just nothing like it, or like the tarpon, snook and redfish, that live there.

You can fish and explore these waters for a lifetime and still make new and surprising discoveries every time you go out, it might be a new tarpon spot, miles away and deep in the backcountry, or it might be a new look at a possible redfish flat near home that's been catching your eye for a couple of weeks, maybe it's a creekmouth in Lostman's River, where the winter snook are out warming in the sun. Discoveries await around every corner.


You should have been there...

Let me start off by saying that he is the singlemost patient and persistent fisherman and guide that I have ever met. He is a hunter of fish, ...BIG fish. Not only does he fish his favorite spots, but he is also willing, if you are, to explore new territory, to find the shallow water, and to discover it's secrets.

Another thing about Captain Ned, he is always up for a challenge, at least he's up to challenging you. I remember a pod of rolling tarpon, stationed in one spot, they were rolling in the current at the edge of a point every thirty seconds. I kept saying, "Ned, get me closer." He said, "Cal, if I get you any closer, we're going to spook them, you can reach them from here." He was right, and the result was a hundred pound tarpon, with about a hundred feet of fly line out, caught on the swing. I've landed lots of other tarpon with Ned but that moment was the most memorable experience that I've ever had in the Everglades.

Calvin Fuller

Calvin and Jim Fuller with a little something Jim caught on a nine weight!

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